‘Homework’ for Democracy

A resource list for people with an appetite for learning more about what it takes to make democracy work as it should.

Lyn Carson, the Research Director for The newDemocracy Foundation, has produced the following resource list for those who want to deepen their understanding about democracy. She has set it as ‘homework’ for our Democracy ‘after’ COVID workshop on 2 November, 7.30-9.00pm (NZDT)!

One book – Open Democracy – has been added to Carson’s list.

And since we’ll be talking about the founding of the American democracy at the workshop, the following podcast episode of The Ezra Klein Show is on point: ‘Why does it have to be slaveholders that we unite around?

Carson’s Resource List + 1

Podcasts to listen to

Real Democracy Now! Produced by and interviews by Nivek Thompson

Facilitating Public Deliberations. Produced by Nivek Thompson, interviews by Carson

Books and papers to read

Against elections: The case for democracy. David van Reybrouck (2016), The Bodley Head, London

The A, B & C of democracy. Luca Belgiorno-Nettis & Kyle Redman (2021), Carlow Books, Carlton, Victoria

Open Democracy : Reinventing Popular Rule for the Twenty-First Century. Hélène Landemore (2020), Princeton University Press

An introduction to deliberative democracy for members of parliament. Published by Westminster Fund for Democracy (2021)

Good practice principles for deliberative processes for public decision making. Published by OECD

Enabling national initiatives to take democracy beyond elections. Published by UN Democracy Fund & The newDemocracy Foundation

Websites to explore

The new Democracy website has many case studies, research notes, film clips, etc.
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