General Meetings

This page provides the papers relating to meetings of Trust Democracy including minutes, reports and financial statements.

Annual General Meetings

6 May 2024

Minutes [download PDF]
Annual report 2023-24 [download PDF]
Financial Statements 2023-24 [download PDF]
Address by Dr Emily Beausoleil entitled ‘Democracy in settler-colonial societies – weapon or tool?’

9 May 2023

Minutes [download PDF]
Annual report 2022-23 [download PDF]
Financial Statements 2022-23 [download PDF]
Address by Prof Michael Baker on disinformation, science, trust, democracy, and the newly established Public Health Communication Centre

12 April 2022

Minutes [download PDF]
Annual report 2021-22 [download PDF]
Financial Statements 2021-22 [download PDF]
Address by Helmut Modlik on an deliberative community governance initiative in Porirua

14 April 2021

Minutes [download PDF]
Annual report 2020-21 [download PDF]
Financial Statements 2020-21 [download PDF]
Address by Max Rashbrooke on overcoming obstacles to deepening democracy in Aotearoa New Zealand

Inaugural General Meeting

4 May 2020

Minutes [download PDF]