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Charities Act Review

In collaboration with Sue Barker Charities Law, Trust Democracy facilitated the involvement of over 650 people and organisations in the 2019 review of the Charities Act. It appears that this input played a part in the Government’s decision to pause the review and reconsider its direction.


An eclectic selection of references to podcasts, books, papers and websites about democracy and ways of fostering inclusion.

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Screenshot of Taiwan Regional Revitalization Platform

Independent review endorses Taiwan’s open government initiatives

Keitha Booth announces the publication of the review of Taiwan’s first Open Government National Action Plan 2021-2024 and reveals Taiwan’s wish to join the international Open Government Partnership. Civic groups in Taiwan applaud the action plan but seek broader collaboration across civil society, and ongoing training and promotion across central and local government to ensure long-term results and an enduring open government culture.